Industrial Engineer, MsC.

Previous experience:

  • Director of Services for Latin America at SAP-Ariba
  • Master Data Services Manager at Quadrem
  • 11 years at Quadrem, Ariba, SAP

Aldo Barreto

VP New Business Dev

Electronic Engineer, MBA.

Previous experience:

  • Director of Sales for Latin America at SAP-Ariba.
  • Director of Technology at Quadrem.
  • 11 years at Quadrem, Ariba, SAP.

Francisco Guzmán

VP Marketing & Sales

Industrial Engineer.

Previous experience:

  • Head of Electronic Commerce Platform for Southern Cone at Finning Caterpillar.
  • 6 years at Finning Caterpillar.

Jaime Castro

General Manager & VP Operations

Unilink is a company originally based in Chile, founded in 2013 by 2 former executives of SAP-Ariba for Latin America.

Unilink was incorporated in USA on 2017.

Unilink´s global B2B community is constituded by 40+ buyers in 9 countries and 55.000+ suppliers in 25+ countries, growing at a high rate.