Board of Directors

Unilink was founded in 2013 by Francisco Guzman and Aldo Barreto, former executives of SAP-Ariba, previously Quadrem, with extensive experience on e-procurement and master data management for natural resources companies.

Later, Jaime Castro joined the board of directors, coming from Finning-Caterpillar.

Finally, Scott Hawkins joined the board, President of Advanced Supply Chain International based in USA, with extensive experience in supply chain for oil & gas companies.

Advisor of the board include legal advisor Richard Haensel, partner at Recabarren and financial advisor Claudio Dufeu, partner at Tribeca, both with extensive experience on their areas of specialization.

Unilink International Holdings Inc. is, since 2017, a US based company, with a board of directors whose members are the founding team plus 2 investors.

Scott Hawkins


  • President and CEO at ASCI (Advanced Supply Chain International) based in USA, specialized on supply chain services for oil & gas companies.
  • He was directory member for Oniqua, Australian based company focused on inventory management for mining.


Unilink International Holdings Inc. also includes legal and financial advisors with extensive international corporate experience.

Richard Haensel
Legal advisor, Lawyer, LLM


  • Founding Partner at Recabarren & Asociados.
  • He was Manager of Tax & Legal Services at Ernst & Young.

Claudio Dufeu
Financial advisor. Industrial Engineer, MBA.


  • Founding Partner at Tribeca Advisors.
  • He was Partner and Financial Director at Orion Capital Management.