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In Record time, UNILINK Platform was integrated with SAP from Cementos Bio Bio, a leading Chilean cement company.

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A team from the Anderson School of Management of the University of Los Angeles California (UCLA) has completed UNILINK business plan of expansion to the North American market, validating the value offer of UNILINK in that market, identifying the main opportunities and forecasting a high rate growth of the business.

UNILINK was selected by CORFO, a Chilean agency that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship, as one of the most successful projects financed by the entity, thanks to the growth shown by the company, the global coverage of customer, and the growth projection, that makes it one of the most relevant startups of the last 5 years.

UNILINK has finished its incorporation in the United States, as UNILINK INTERNATIONAL HOLDING INC, which is also joined by the American company ASCI as an investor. and Scott Hawking, President of ASCI, as a board member.